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Big Heroes! Billy Wrecks

Big Heroes!

Billy Wrecks

Published November 28th 2012
Kindle Edition
24 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I really enjoyed this book. I think the writer does a great job with bringing something such as superheroes to a level for children to be able to relate to. I think sometimes movies/books and superheroes can be a little above that of a young reader, but the writer really does a good job with bringing it to a young readers level. I think the writer does a good job with character. The characters all have different roles that they play and specific reasons as to why they play these roles and how they help. The writer does well with describing the different characters. i think the writer uses words well too, because the words the writer chooses to use brings life to the book, which makes the characters come alive and makes the book a more interesting read. The writer also does a good job with the use of tension, without making the book too violent for young readers. I think I would use the book to demonstrate how the use of words can make characters come to life.